Tech stocks are in the green in 2023, but not all fintech stocks have fared well. PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL) stock certainly hasn’t been a winner this year, and the near-term prospects aren’t great. It’s a textbook example of the principle that just because a stock has declined sharply doesn’t mean isn’t a bargain. PayPal stock gets a “D”
Since plunging during the summer, Nio (NYSE:NIO) stock slid lower. This is not surprising, given how the latest news and developments bode badly for the company’s future prospects. Many investors are optimistic about shares rebounding soon, as has happened several times in the past following any spark of good news. Then again, this time, it
Investors have cooled recenty on SoFi Technologies (NASDAQ:SOFI) stock, which may surprise some. After all, in late October this fintech firm/neobank unveiled strong quarterly results and promising updates to guidance. However, a recent valuation development has stuck in the minds of investors and started to counter the positive takeaways from the latest earnings release. This
Even though Block (NYSE:SQ) is a premier player in the digital payments space, its 2023 performance is disappointing. A turnaround is likely imminent for SQ stock, however, as Block will soon be a leaner business and the company expects to earn substantial operating income this year. It’s understandable if some investors are concerned about Block’s future. Alyssa
Once a blockbuster hit in the financial markets, Nio (NYSE:NIO) stock can’t seem to gain traction in 2023. Will next year be any better? Don’t get your hopes up, as the recent news items pertaining to Nio don’t give a very positive impression. China-based EV manufacturer has the unenviable task of competing against Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), which started an
In the dynamic realm of modern medicine, biotech stocks have effectively emerged at the forefront of a transformation. These innovative players are steering us towards a new era of medical marvels with precision and personalization. However, the path to revolutionizing healthcare is not without its challenges. Many of the top firms possess invaluable intellectual property
The U.S. economy exhibited greater-than-expected strength in Q3, with GDP rising at an annualized rate of 5.2% from July through September. The performance highlighted its remarkable resilience amid heightened inflation and elevated borrowing costs earlier this year. Of course, this figure is also adjusted for inflation and seasonal fluctuations. The robust economic growth is beneficial
Streaming has grown exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The consequential shift in consumer behavior made traditional media companies rethink strategy. They realize that linear TV may no longer be the way to attract consumers and generate ad revenue. However, changes have occurred since the pandemic. In fact, streaming numbers aren’t as high as they once
With demand for automation expected to continue growing rapidly, it’s easy to see why investors continue to be intrigued by robotics stocks. Businesses of all sizes are expected to continue to invest in automation to automate tasks and reduce costs.  Increasing labor costs are driving increased demand for automation overall. Firms are increasingly looking to
Three underappreciated stocks shine brightly in a bustling market where big-ticket stocks often hog the limelight. Each is valued under $15 but holds immense potential for exponential growth. While their prices may seem modest, these stocks boast compelling narratives of strategic prowess and remarkable financial trajectories. It is signaling an untapped opportunity for investors seeking
Artificial intelligence (AI) is disrupting and enabling innovation across industries. So far, AI research organizations like OpenAI and Anthropic are leading the charge and seeing revenue explosion. Today, companies are integrating AI into applications such as email, shopping carts, and customer service. Indeed, over the next decade, this technology is set to become ubiquitous. Due