In this article FLT Follow your favorite stocksCREATE FREE ACCOUNT Djelics | E+ | Getty Images Company: FleetCor Technologies (FLT) Business: FleetCor is a business payments company that helps businesses spend less by enabling them to manage their expense-related purchasing and vendor payments processes. The company operates through six segments: fuel, corporate payments, tolls, lodging,
Investors are always looking for a good bargain. And companies whose share prices have plunged can represent great buying opportunities if conditions are right. But there are some stocks to avoid at any price given their operating losses and flawed business models. Traders tolerated large losses in recent years if a company seemingly had a
The entire stock market is gearing up for a major breakout as investors are becoming convinced that the banking sector has stabilized and that the Federal Reserve is, at the very least, almost done hiking interest rates. Meanwhile, two critical sectors –housing and computer chips — are showing signs of recovery. Many investors are starting
In 2022, healthcare stocks surpassed the S&P 500. But in 2023, they are not doing so well. Nonetheless, during economic uncertainty, the healthcare industry can serve as a reliable defensive strategy since individuals typically do not cut back on prescription drug acquisitions, postpone medical procedures, or cancel appointments with doctors solely due to a sluggish
Analysts have a lot to say about electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Rivian Automotive (NASDAQ:RIVN). Some of what they’re saying is positive, but there are some cautionary notes as well. By and large, however, the experts on Wall Street generally expect RIVN stock to move higher. So, consider taking a share position in Rivian for the
There’s nothing wrong with having risky stocks. The mistake that investors make is by not understanding the risk and then getting into trouble when there’s a sudden downturn in the market. Do your homework and learn about the names in question. You accept that there could be as many rough patches as there are bull