Crypto stocks have rebounded after recent outflows amid low market sentiment. This week, inflows reversed losses despite overall market downturns, aligning with cryptocurrency and broader stock market trends. These blockchain stocks are closely tied to Bitcoin (BTC-USD), altcoins, and blockchain developments, showing improved performance despite mid-week fluctuations. However, these stocks have certainly also reflected lingering
In today’s volatile market, identifying stocks to sell is critical to preserving capital invested. As economic uncertainties loom, learning which investments might falter can safeguard portfolios. Here, the focus is on three stocks that hold vulnerabilities, signaling potential downturns. Each company faces unique adversities.  To begin with, the first one contends with fluctuating international currencies
The concept of flying cars has long been a staple of science fiction, but it is rapidly becoming a top-growth industry, with three companies leading the charge. These trailblazers are revolutionizing transportation and providing compelling investment opportunities. There is plenty of opportunity for investors to elevate their portfolio with flying car stocks if they know
With a violent growth-to-value rotation hitting the stock markets, it can be tempted to ditch AI high-flyers and other frothy tech plays for the big blue chips. When it comes to time-tested blue chips, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is a good place to look. The price-weighted index, which is also heavier in cheap cash
Aviation safety has recently shifted focus on aerospace stocks, with scrutiny primarily on Boeing (NYSE:BA) following several high-profile incidents. The most dramatic was the loss of an emergency door in flight. However, experts attribute this particular assembly issue to Spirit AeroSystems (NYSE:SPR), as that plant undertakes related work. Boeing has witnessed some positive news by
The future is tech-driven, and investing in tech stocks at the forefront of innovation can be a lucrative strategy. Opportunities in growing sectors and industries like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, renewable energy, and autonomous vehicles offer real prospects to grow your portfolio.  Established tech giants have created massive returns for investors in 2024. While they continue
AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) stock rose only 20% during June’s meme-stock rally, suggesting limited future benefits from this trend. The company issued a negative outlook for Q2, expecting weaker performance because of fewer film releases from strikes and ongoing structural issues in the movie theater industry. In Q1, U.S. data showed only 30.5 million attendance viewers,