Stocks to sell

Earnings season is a high-stakes time. Fortunes can be won or lost depending on whether a company beats or misses Wall Street expectations. For some companies, the stakes are particularly high. Analysts and investors have put some companies on notice after recent earnings flops that a turnaround is needed. Many high-profile concerns have struggled this year amid declining demand and sales,
While we can’t discount the long-term potential of the EV market, the sector has been battered from all sides in recent quarters. Waning demands, softening government support and a complicated macro environment have pushed the industry to an all-out “survival of the fittest” landscape. Continued losses, unmet delivery expectations and negative press are leading to
Plug Power (NASDAQ:PLUG) stock has certainly gained recognition for its green hydrogen business model. This company is a leader in hydrogen fuel cells and services, often seen as benefiting green energy infrastructure. With government spending increasing and EV adoption growing rapidly, PLUG stock has the potential to be a big winner. Unfortunately, a slowdown in
Internet providers have enjoyed impressive stock performances, With larger-than-average dividends, consistency has persisted over their long life spans. However, the impending end of the Affordable Connectivity Program is stressing out Americans who use it to get a discount on their internet bills. These three internet provider stocks represent some of the worst-performing and overpriced options.
When the term blue chip is thrown around, many investors hear synonyms like stability and success. Other definitions limit blue-chip stocks to the 30 companies comprising the Dow Jones Industrial Average. However, blue chip stocks should be considered as those representing long-running and well-established companies that prioritize their financial health. Moreover, these companies typically command