Investors have good reason to be searching out the safest stocks for portfolio stability these days. The potential for dramatic economic disruption remains high despite a new federal debt ceiling agreement. There are no cuts to government spending — the rate of increase is only slowing. The debt ceiling, on the other hand, was raised by trillions of
Since Facebook formally changed its name to Meta (NASDAQ:META), the Metaverse has been a siren song for investors and companies alike. Billions of dollars have been dashed upon the rocks chasing metaverse profit that often failed to materialize. In such times, wise investors need to cut their losses and sell the metaverse stocks that fail to deliver.
It might be time to start looking for stocks to ditch. Stock markets continue to be volatile and plenty of well-known companies are seeing their share prices fall to new lows. Regardless of whether the declines are because of poor management, macroeconomic headwinds, growing competition, or negative investor sentiment, many once dominant stocks are struggling
With increased anger at major publicly traded enterprises going “woke,” blue-chip stocks facing backlash represent a real phenomenon. For example, big-box retailer Target (NYSE:TGT) added to its woes when it succumbed to controversy over its Pride merchandising plans. According to a corporate spokesperson, Target experienced threats, forcing the removal of the most contentious items. Now,
In the wake of the 2022 stock market rout, astute investors should focus on top undervalued blue-chip stocks. All as these sturdy market contenders promise a silver lining with incredible upside potential for the long-term investor. After all, the current market turmoil, spurred by inflation concerns and Federal Reserve rate hikes, is unlikely to persist. Investing
While there are plenty of bargains to buy among penny stocks, there are also a good amount of overvalued penny stocks to sell. While significantly lower-priced now than they were at their respective high water-marks, many of these stocks are hardly bargains, trading at valuations unsustainable relative to their current operating performance. Rather than having high
For those who laugh in the face of extreme financial danger, the concept of acquiring the best penny stock to buy now might get the heart racing. Given this category’s often rock-bottom share prices, these wildly speculative ideas command much attention. At the same time, you got to know what you’re doing. Basically, even enterprises labeled
In this episode, Preston and Stig review William Thorndike’s book, The Outsiders. This book was recommended by Warren Buffett as his #1 book during the 2012 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders meeting. Buffett described the book as an outstanding read about CEOs who excelled at capital allocation. In the podcast, you will learn about the key ingredients