Although memes and trading apps seemingly dominate business media throughout the new normal, it’s time to give undervalued Robinhood stocks to buy now a chance to shine. While people may be familiar with Robinhood (NASDAQ:HOOD) as either an investment platform or its own publicly traded opportunity, the brand is also a pop-culture icon. Many folks
After the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions it faces as a result, the idea of a second space race has resurfaced. Russia plans to sever its 20-year-long space partnership with the U.S and hinted at building its own space station as early as 2028. In addition, China is already constructing its own space
Safety in investing is very important. Your first goal should be to protect your capital. Your second is then to generate profits after assuming a certain level of risk. Warren Buffett agrees, famously saying “Rule number one: Never lose money. Rule number two: Never forget rule number one.” These are very important and all-time classic
Growth stocks typically generate above-average returns compared to the stock market and their peers. We often find growth stocks in an innovative sector or in a new market that grows faster than conventional industries. In the past decade, software, semiconductor, financial technology (fintech), online shopping, biotech, and clean energy have, at least occasionally, been viewed
When income tax season comes close, Americans gear up for tax payments and returns filing. It is also the time to start the work for maintaining fresh records for the next financial year. Amid all the developments, participants who have dealt in cryptocurrencies like bitcoins are a worried lot. In 2017, the Internal Revenue Service
Did you know the buried treasure you found in your grandparent’s backyard is actually taxable? That’s just the start. You may be surprised to learn that the following 10 items are taxable, whether they are things you receive, cash you earn, or money you don’t have to pay back. Key Takeaways When it comes to reporting
Accounting and the law are both professions that attract many college students. Each field offers strong income potential, upward mobility, and a variety of career paths within the profession. Accountants and attorneys can find positions in the public sector (a federal government agency, state, or municipality) and the private sector (businesses and nonprofits). Within private
The U.S. airline industry today is arguably an oligopoly. An oligopoly exists when a market is dominated by a small group of companies, often because the barriers to entry are significant enough to discourage potential competitors. In the U.S. airline industry the barriers to entry include high startup costs, infrastructure constraints limiting the availability of
Hedging is used to reduce the risk of adverse price movements in an asset class by taking an offsetting position in a related asset. Beta hedging involves reducing the overall beta of a portfolio by purchasing stocks with offsetting betas. Conversely, delta hedging is an options strategy that reduces the risk associated with adverse price
Square vs. Stripe: An Overview Square (SQ) and Stripe have emerged as two popular payment processing services for small and growing businesses. As the services have become widely used, their simple fixed-rate payment processing fees have drawn in big-name supporters, such as Starbucks (SBUX), to use and promote their systems. For investors and business owners, it’s
Airliners are on the up again. Factors such as easing pandemic lockdowns and proliferating summer travel have coalesced to form an exponentially growing air travel market. For investors, that creates an opportunity in some of the best airline stocks to buy. Earlier this month, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics revealed that U.S. airfares soared by 34.1%