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Do you think I’d be writing for InvestorPlace if I knew the three top stocks to invest in right now? Of course not.  Then again, no one knows the three best stocks to invest in at any given time. That’s why hedge fund investors like Jim Simons are so successful. His firm, Renaissance Technologies, uses
When you think of penny stocks, you’re probably not thinking of them as potential cheap dividend stocks under $5. Instead, you’re contemplating the speculative nature of these investments and whether they have moonshot potential. When investors buy penny stocks, earning dividend income is probably the last thing on their minds. Yet there are a few
As the U.S. Dollar strengthens, now may not seem like the right time to buy gold stocks. Especially as the Federal Reserve appears likely to continue raising interest rates to combat inflation. Further rate hikes could send the U.S. Dollar Index, already at multi-year highs, even higher. The Fed’s interest rate hike has already put
In a bull market, it’s easy to identify some of the best stocks to make money fast. This task becomes challenging during bear markets or uncertain market conditions. There are, however, short-term money-making opportunities in the latter situations. As an example, Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN) has surged by 54% in the last month. Similarly, Coupang (NYSE:CPNG) stock
Now may be the time to buy the best hydrogen stocks, as more of the world’s attention turns toward the industry. In fact, right now, “(Hydrogen) is enjoying unprecedented momentum around the world and could finally be set on a path to fulfill its longstanding potential as a clean energy solution,” wrote Fatih Birol, executive
Source: MarySan / Shutterstock [Editor’s note: “An Explosive Pick for the Battery Gold Rush’” was previously published in June 2022. It has since been updated to include the most relevant information available.] When it comes to investing, I like to do one thing: Focus on the big picture. The simple reality, folks, is that it’s
Although memes and trading apps seemingly dominate business media throughout the new normal, it’s time to give undervalued Robinhood stocks to buy now a chance to shine. While people may be familiar with Robinhood (NASDAQ:HOOD) as either an investment platform or its own publicly traded opportunity, the brand is also a pop-culture icon. Many folks
After the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions it faces as a result, the idea of a second space race has resurfaced. Russia plans to sever its 20-year-long space partnership with the U.S and hinted at building its own space station as early as 2028. In addition, China is already constructing its own space
Growth stocks typically generate above-average returns compared to the stock market and their peers. We often find growth stocks in an innovative sector or in a new market that grows faster than conventional industries. In the past decade, software, semiconductor, financial technology (fintech), online shopping, biotech, and clean energy have, at least occasionally, been viewed
The U.S. inflation rate has surged to levels not seen since the early 1980s. This has had profound ramifications for investors. Sectors such as technology have slumped as folks demand profits and cash flow today rather than growth in the future. Meanwhile, out of favor industries such as energy and natural resources have roared back
Airliners are on the up again. Factors such as easing pandemic lockdowns and proliferating summer travel have coalesced to form an exponentially growing air travel market. For investors, that creates an opportunity in some of the best airline stocks to buy. Earlier this month, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics revealed that U.S. airfares soared by 34.1%