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As the broader market plateaus after its recovery rally, there remain hidden pockets of value across under-followed sectors, and with smaller-cap companies. With investors fixated on mega-cap tech and blue-chip stocks, many quality companies without much coverage continue to trade at a discount. Of course, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and many value
Gold mining stocks, often seen as a safe harbor during turbulent times, are now positioned at a fascinating crossroads. The Federal Reserve’s steely determination to rein in inflation might intuitively spell trouble for precious metals. Yet, beneath the surface, multiple factors suggest that the glitter of gold could shine brightly in the near future. The
It’s no secret that tech stocks have dominated headlines and portfolios this year, often boasting eye-watering valuations. However, while many have been chasing after the latest and greatest, there lies a distinct opportunity in the sector. Of course, I’m talking about tech stocks nearing their 52-week lows. These are the innovators and disruptors that, for
There are already many pieces of the puzzle that point to volatile times ahead. Undoubtedly, volatility can be a trader’s best friend, but for investors, volatility paints a completely different scenario. It is true that in the world of financial markets we cannot guess the future. However, as good investors we can prepare ourselves for
The world increasingly relies on the internet to store data, make purchases and communicate with friends. While the digital world has provided many benefits, it has also resulted in cybercrime. Sophisticated hackers use advanced tools and strategies to infiltrate databases and steal valuable resources. Cyberattacks have become common. Sadly, a single incident can wipe out
As the digital landscape evolves rapidly, 5G — fifth-generation wireless technology — stands at the forefront of this transformation, anchoring the promises of tomorrow’s hyper-connected universe. With the world’s devices yearning for faster connections and lower latency, the stars seem perfectly aligned for investors eyeing the best 5G stocks to buy. Such a connected epoch
This article is an excerpt from the InvestorPlace Digest newsletter. To get news like this delivered straight to your inbox, click here. The timpani, surprisingly, is one of the most challenging orchestral instruments to play. Though these kettle drums seem as straightforward as hitting a piñata, the 140-pound vessels are actually the heart of most orchestral
In the current environment, Wall Street has gravitated towards mega-cap technology stocks, while smaller companies remain overlooked. With economic uncertainty sparking risk-off sentiment more broadly, investors have piled into a narrow group of giant tech names viewed as safe havens. However, this has left many compelling small-cap stocks trading at highly-attractive valuations. Astute investors willing